Message from the Ambassador

Message from Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto
Permanent Representative of the United States
to the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Geneva

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Women and girls around the world deserve better treatment, better opportunities, a better future.

I believe we have a critical role to play here in Geneva. In fact, we don’t just have a role…we have a responsibility. Geneva is a unique multilateral arena, where organizations with diverse mandates work in parallel, with similar goals of improving lives and promoting the economic and social advancement of all people. Time and again, research and experience has shown that holistic, multi-sector responses lead to better outcomes for women and girls, and therefore for their families and for their communities.

The Future She Deserves is a Call to Action.

Let’s stop doing “business as usual” when we know we can do better. This initiative is meant to provide the platform, to expand on existing programs and relationships, so that we all can engage on a higher level.

We must seize Geneva’s unique multilateral advantage, and push ourselves to think innovatively – to envision creative ways for collaboration that will unleash new opportunities for women and girls, and new means of protecting these especially vulnerable populations.

Working together, we can help each and every woman and girl achieve The Future She Deserves.