a picture from amber TM "Yantar Polissya"

The technology of casting amber paintings as long-lasting works of art originated in the Rivne region. Prior to this, similar works were not produced either in Poland or in the Baltic States. It was the artisans at yantar.ua who pioneered this innovative approach to amber artistry. Let's get acquainted with the features of their implementation - from the emergence of innovative ideas to their implementation in practice.

The production of TM "Yantar Polissia" paintings is a painstaking and creative process. A team of artists and other craftsmen invest all their knowledge, experience and efforts. The process of creating amber works is treated with increased attention, love and thoroughness, so that customers can admire their creations for many years. Selection of materials, their processing, as well as production technologies are constantly being improved.

Materials for making amber paintings, icons and portraits

  1. Natural, selected raw amber of various fractions and shades is the most important component of a high-quality picture. In order to pour a picture from amber, it is necessary to use stones of different sizes. As for the crumb, in general, several of its calibers can be used: small, medium and large. In the manufacture of panels, the "Yantar Polissya" enterprise uses only pure amber, without impurities, which, if necessary, is heated to the desired shades. Annealing is the heating of amber crumb and stone to a certain temperature in order to achieve different colors. Masters in their work use light yellow and yellow amber, as well as black, cherry, brown, ocher, chocolate and other colors. For full-fledged work, artists use up to 12 shades of red-hot grain, with a smooth transition from one to another. Only with such a variety of colors, voluminous and high-quality images are created.

  2. The second component of the amber painting is the high quality of the sketch. For the production of amber paintings, a specially prepared sketch is used, on the basis of which the work is created. Using this image, the artist begins to fill the canvas with amber. When pouring the picture, it is necessary that the background is completely covered with amber crumb. A panel in which a drawing that is not covered with stone shines through is considered to be of poor quality. In addition, the masters of the enterprise very carefully select the color of the stone according to the drawing of the sketch. Gray, earthy shades in amber paintings are most often not used, because in this case the gem itself will look gloomy and dull.
  3. The basis of the picture is a sheet of fiberboard, on which a sketch with a color image is glued.
  4. The frame is the crown of creation. At first, the company framed pictures only in gold and white baguettes. Later, they began to use frames made of natural wood and decorative frames made according to the author's technology. For some images, smooth strips are made, for others - under a log. Of the types of natural wood, craftsmen most often use alder and oak. Professionals get beautiful shades of wooden frames with the help of stain and varnish. It is noteworthy that artists put amber paintings depicting people, flowers and animals in wooden frames, while icons are traditionally placed in gilded baguettes. However, the buyer has the opportunity to independently choose the desired framing of the canvas, taking into account the design of the room where the amber work will be located.

Technology of production of paintings from amber

The technology of producing a picture from amber may seem simple at first glance, but this impression is misleading. Only an experienced and skilled craftsman is able to create a truly beautiful, high-quality product.

The first stage of creating an amber composition is the selection of the basis: a sketch of the picture prepared in advance by the designer and a sheet of fiberboard of the required size.

The key to an excellent work result at the second stage is perfectly even and smooth gluing of a high-quality color pattern on the base.

The third stage is the beginning of the work of the master, who has been doing this for several years, with a prepared image. He pours out the background and processes fine lines with amber crumb so that there are no gaps anywhere, and the shades of amber match the picture as much as possible.

At the fourth stage of production, the painting is dried in a special oven.

After the ready poured background dries, the artist begins to work with a brush, glue and amber pebbles. And this is truly jewelry, subtle craftsmanship. It is very important that during the work the transitions of shades of amber are smooth, only then the image will acquire the necessary volume. This is how the fifth stage of creating an amber masterpiece takes place.

A high-quality amber picture always uses a crumb of various calibers, as well as stones drowning in a grain of the appropriate color. Some manufacturers offer very smooth amber paintings, indicating the use of amber dust. Such products will not last long, so it is not recommended to buy them.

To appreciate the skill of the artist when creating a picture from amber, you need to pay attention to the execution of the product. On high-quality panels, amber crumbs do not fall off even when touching the image.

The sixth stage of production is the completion of the work with the stone by the master - the product is varnished twice. It is the varnish that protects the amber, shows its color, thereby preventing the reaction of the mineral with oxygen.

At the last, seventh stage, the finished work is placed in a frame, which can have several options: a decorative baguette, a wooden frame, or a frame made according to the author's technology. The specialist carefully selects the frames for the pictures in order to find the harmony of the components. The back side of the picture is sewn with natural burlap.

Similar technologies are used at the "Yantar Polissya" enterprise also in the production of other amber products: souvenir plates, magnets and car charms.

"Yantar Polissya" company preserves its long-standing reputation and works for development, taking into account the individual requirements and wishes of the buyer.

All products of the enterprise - from start to finish - are handmade, with an artistic understanding of the original result, continuous development and progress. "Yantar Polissya" constantly expands the range of its products and improves production technologies, which is clearly evidenced by the product catalogs.