Empowering Women and Girls to Lead Healthy, Fulfilling Lives, Safe from Violence

The Future She Deserves leverages Geneva-based institutional mechanisms and multilateral fora so that women and girls have the opportunities they deserve to fulfill their promise.

Geneva is a natural center for discussions, activities, and programs that empower and protect women and girls. In our society, there are still cases directed at the oppression of women, you must order essay online at https://order-essays.com to consider these points in more detail. Recognizing many great initiatives and work already taking place in Geneva, The Future She Deserves focuses on specific areas where our collective efforts could close the gaps in how Geneva-based multilateral systems address these issues. The initiative is grounded in the belief that all stakeholders can achieve more by building alliances across sectors; improving accountability to ensure their efforts are effective and sustainable; being proactive on reducing adolescent girls’ vulnerabilities; and harnessing the capacity of women and girls to take charge of their own lives. Extensive consultation with diplomatic and international partners has identified four key areas of intervention where Geneva has the strategic ability to make a significant positive impact:


Progress has been achieved over the past decades. However, the reality on the ground continues to fall far short of these aspirations and established standards. The U.S. Mission invites other Missions, the United Nations, international organizations, NGOs, and others in the international community in Geneva to heed the call to action and redouble our efforts. The future of our world depends upon ensuring that women and girls everywhere across the globe can realize The Future She Deserves.

The foundation for this effort is built on U.S. national commitments and initiatives in support of the protection and empowerment of women and girls including President Obama’s Equal Futures Partnership to Expand Women’s Political and Economic Participation, the National Action Plan on Women Peace and Security, which calls for a U.S. plan to prevent and respond to gender-based violence (GBV) globally, and the Department of State/PRM and USAID/DCHA initiative Safe from the Start, which works to prevent and response to GBV from the onset of emergencies.